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Rice flour is made from Milled and Polished Raw Non-Basmati Rice. Rice flour, in other terms called as Rice Powder, It is used to prepare fresh Rice Noodles and Some Kind of Sweets & Snack Pallets etc.

It is also used to mix in coconut milk to give a rich, smooth and creamy consistency to it. Due to no gluten and very less fats it is easily digestible. Rice is one of the most favorite food items. People love to eat in various forms like Pulao, Biryani, Curd Rice, Steamed Rice, Jeera Rice, Veg Fried Rice and many other forms. To cook these kinds of rice recipes, mostly chefs and cooking experts use Basmati rice; because it is full rice and after cooked it looks bigger in size. Hence, most of the folks use the Basmati rice to cook different and delicious rice recipes. This is the main reason of increasing popularity of Basmati rice and Basmati rice suppliers.

The Foodpedia Private Limited is highly emerging rice and rice flour supplier in India. We serve different types of rice and rice flours to our customers. We are famous for our quality assurance foot items; we never compromise with the quality of any food item. We know the food items are the basic need of every individual and it always requires quality, because bad quality food can ruin the health of the eaters. Hence, we always ensure about the quality of products and send our finished products to the quality control department where highly skilled and experienced professionals check the quality of our food items, after the approval of quality control department; we finally make ready our products to supply everywhere in country and outside too.

The Foodpedia Private Limited is the best rice exporters in India; we also supply rice flour and other food products to the overseas countries like Iraq, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arab and create our new identity in the world. Rice export is the most demanding these days and we involve in this profession since long time. We believe in the strong relationship with the customers, hence we have still attached with our oldest customers.

Ingredients : Milled Raw Non-Basmati Rice

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